• Assistant Manager - Westmont

    The assistant manager is responsible for the successful day to day operations of the restaurant. In the absence of the General Manager they are responsible for the safety, security and well-being of the restaurant and the employees and guests within. In the absence of the General Manage the Assistant Manager is the Manager in Charge and is expected to act, make decisions, and operate the location as the General Manager would. They are to make sound business decisions leading to increased profitably for the restaurant. They are involved in all aspects of the business assisting the General Manager. They have the authority to discipline employees when needed and recommend termination. They have the responsibility to coach, teach and mentor the team to service excellence, identifying talent and building upon for our future leaders. They need to have an unswerving dedication to standards, policies and procedures.
  • Cashier - Westmont

    The cashier position is an integral part of our Guest Service Team. They ensure order accuracy and provide the final steps of service to ensure our guests receive the quality and a value that they expect.
  • Supervisor - Westmont

    The shift supervisor is an entry level supervisory position. They support the management team in all assigned aspects of the business. A supervisor assists the smooth performance of restaurant operations. They are generally promoted from within and put on a career path to upper management. This would be an employee showing excellent loyalty, skills and initiative on a regular basis. There will be times when they will be hired from outside the company; in this instance they will have prior basic management experience. They have the authority to Open and Close the restaurant without direct supervision. They assist Assistant Managers and General Managers in running successful shifts. They may also have ongoing restaurant specific duties assigned to them from the General Manager.
  • Pizza & Salad Maker - Westmont

    The Pizza and Salad Maker is at the core of everything we do here. They are our representative to the guests, the first impression and the key to providing a quality dining experience. They assist and guide the guest to create an outstanding product they will be delighted to come back for again and again.
  • General Manager - Westmont

    The general manager is the point person for all restaurant operations. They are responsible for the successful operation of their assigned unit. The General Manager is responsible for hiring, training, development, discipline and termination of all members of the restaurant team; assistant manager, supervisors, & team members. They uphold company standards and promote a safe and profitable environment. They are responsible for the profitability of their restaurant regarding Food and Labor costs. They are responsible for maintaining resources, equipment and facilities. Investigates and resolves any and all issues affecting profitability, food quality, service and guest relations. Implements local store marketing and development plans to increase sales growth. Reviews and manages financial transactions and monitors budget to maximize profitability.
  • Oven Pizza Operator - Westmont

    The Oven Operator performs a vital task in our operation as the final step in food preparation and delivery to the guest. They are in charge of keeping the fire stoked!! They need to make sure the final product is being served to the guests’ wishes and executed perfectly.
  • Prep Cook - Westmont

    Our Prep people are ones who help to create the magic from behind the scenes. They set the rest of the team up for success by preparing our homemade products, stocking our lines, and setting up our kitchen and restaurant in preparation for our guest’s arrival.

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